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Are you looking for a company that specializes in making eCommerce stores and websites? We create professional, original websites: typically by coding a tailored script or using a CMS. Webdesign Ottawa in the catalog: websites, internet forums, online stores.

Webdesign Ottawa: What websites do we create?

  • creating websites from scratch with the content management panel (WordPress) or without the use of CMS (with the Bootstrap framework),
  • coding of additional plugins in the WordPress module,
  • refreshing WooCommerce websites and online stores,
  • coding of the project based on a graphic file (formats: PSD, PNG, JPG) to the finished page (programming languages: HTML, CSS, JS),
  • programming advanced applications,
  • and many more …

What type of portals do we make?

  • informative websites for enterprises, business cards, blog with articles, news sites or offer pages for products,
    online stores with virtually no monthly fees. Along with the possibility of integration with any pages for sale (e.g. Allegro, Amazon, ebay, etc …),
  • websites with a product catalog with the possibility of searching, sorting and creating categories,
  • web portals in many languages ​​and the ability to select languages ​​via a button,
  • online chat for fast typing with clients,
  • forum or space with comments on a blog, website or online store,
  • interesting animations and other options written in JavaScript,
  • website registration mechanism for selected customers and creation of resources only for registered and logged in users,
  • services with the option of arranging visits (for psychologists, hairdressers, hostels and other companies providing services) and integration with online payments,
  • other integrations with advertising, re-marketing, mailing, etc …

Ottawa webdesign without limits

We code websites and ecommerce stores with real passion. We not only do projects from scratch in any industry, but we can also expand any other website. If you decide to start a website from scratch, it’s good to know that we are giving back pages that have no restrictions and we can connect an additional functional module at any time.

For example: if you want to start selling online, but you don’t need to start online shopping right away, we can code an ordinary website as a website with a catalog of all products. After a certain period of time, we can integrate the finished website with the payment gateway and the entire online store module without ordering a new page!

Webdesign Ottawa not only in the city – we carry out orders for clients from all countries. 

How We Do Webdesign Ottawa

In this part you will learn:

  • How is the order process?
  • How do we protect websites against information leaks, DDoS attacks, hackers or spam?
  • How do we optimize websites for SEO & Positioning, so that you can easily get to high positions in Google?
  • What SEO tools will we include in WordPress?
  • What are the video tutorials like, and also what is the after-sales period for?
  • What are the warranty terms?
  • and many others…

Ottawa webdesign – how to order a website?

The first step is to use: For a Quick Online Quote click here >>

(it is an automated form that will guide you step by step, thanks to which you will receive a fairly accurate quote right away)

OR contact us via the contact form here. After accepting the terms of cooperation – we will act.

We will prepare a project based on:

  • a very detailed description of the website’s appearance or,
  • view / simple design, e.g. in Word / Excel or,
  • materials from the graphic designer: full PSD design or other JPG files,
  • several third-party websites that we will follow,
  • or, alternatively, we can design our own graphic design.

Then, in the second step, we do the first design and polish the details together with a series of corrections to get a complete look.

Webdesign Ottawa

Webdesign Ottawa: Quality

Below is a brief description of the standard equipment of all our sites as part of: Webdesign Ottawa.
We mean that regardless of the functions declared in the automatic valuation wizard, we include a list of the services listed below in the price of each page.

Modern design

The progress, technologies and trends evolve, therefore we implement proven and very popular solutions for our contractors. We create websites from scratch, so we can achieve a refined, original look that will distinguish your company from the rest of the competition.

Encrypted SSL certificate: Webdesign Ottawa

We provide complete installation and set-up for each service SSL certificate. It is an internet protocol used for the security and privacy of www connections. It guarantees the privacy of the information sent and blocks leaks on the website by third parties. The URLs of pages with an SSL certificate installed begin with the name of the HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS not only encrypts passwords entered to log in to the website or other related to payments, but also file transfer via FTP or all email correspondence in the domain.

RWD, which is a responsive layout

If a website on the Internet is responsive, it means that it arranges itself correctly on any device, and the elements on our website are very well suited to the screen size. Responsiveness is not a simple addition to the website, but a necessity with the current rules of writing pages on the Internet.

Currently, as many as 53% of internet visitors use smartphones or other devices. Due to the fact that this trend is constantly growing and in a few years it will be a much higher percentage.

Therefore, when designing a website, it is very important to prepare it in three layouts: for computers, for phones and tablets.

Every website we do is adapted to all mobile devices.

Webdesign Ottawa

Contact form

A website is a space for your clients, so it is good to equip it with means for simple communication. One of such elements is the contact form, thanks to which sending messages will be much faster.

GDPR – Webdesign Ottawa

The relevant GDPR on the website is a fairly wide topic that may seem very incomprehensible, in particular for companies that are not aware of what information is obtained through the website. There are all kinds of scripts on the site. For this reason, when returning the website, we prepare and add to the website the most important, necessary documents, such as: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use (if necessary), information on the use of Cookies and all clauses required to handle requests.

Technical Support & Warranty

Each service, regardless of the details of the order, has a warranty protection for a period and technical support.

Integrating external services – Webdesign Ottawa

Shops and websites that we create can be integrated practically with another external service, e.g.

  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Search Console,
  • Facebook,
  • Google Maps,
  • Allegro, Amazon, eBay,
  • Various types of API,
  • and many others…

Webdesign Ottawa Canada

SEO and Positioning

A large number of other aspects affect your position in Google or any other search engine. It is a good practice to take care of on-page SEO on your website. Activities that must be taken into account at the initial stage of creating a website are, for example:

  • simple website navigation,
  • appropriate selection of titles, key phrases, meta tags, meta descriptions,
  • short loading time of the website.

Security on the site – Webdesign Ottawa

It does not matter how and what data is obtained and processed by scripts, it is important to guarantee proper protection and security.

That is why we place special emphasis on all aspects of information security and protection.

Do you have any more questions? Do you need an individual quote?

Leave us a message!

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